Swimming Upstream: Saying Good Bye to 2016

Last night was Rafael and I’s 11year anniversary of dating. Being married now I know that most people let those dating anniversary’s go, but I hold on to December 30th. It was the beginning of our life together and I think it is important to celebrate the milestones. As Raf and I were having dinner I started to think back to 11 years ago. I was 23, I smoked a pack Marlboro lights a day, drank Diet Dr. Pepper by the case load (really, I did), worked at a Mexican Restaurant, went to night school, cleaned house for extra money, and I went to see a Dave Show whenever I could. Something’s will never change:).

My schedule was jam packed, I am not sure now how I did it all but I did.

I am thankful for those years but I am really thankful for the evolution of growing up and getting older. I no longer smoke and looking back I have no idea why I smoked at all, and how I did it for so long. But smoke I did and I will never smoke again. Diet Dr. Pepper is also a thing of the past, I haven’t had a soda in years, I switched to drinking coffee, and I love coffee. Who would have thought?

Like growing up 2016 started one way and did not end up where I thought it would.

This year was like a constant battle with life and death, and an election that dragged on forever.

My best friend who is like a family member to me had a hard year, her father was laid to rest on New Year’s Eve last year. Starting 2016 was difficult, she turned 40 in February, we threw her an amazing surprise birthday party.

A few weeks after her birthday party we got the news that she was pregnant, and not with one baby but with twins. We went to 3 amazing Dave shows with the twin boys in tow, towards the end of the shows it was amazing to see how big she had gotten and the difference in her pregnancy.

I hosted an amazing baby shower! The baby shower was hands down one of my favorite events I have ever thrown. The food was festive with the nautical theme; the gifts were all so darling.

Not even a week after the shower there was something wrong with the pregnancy and they had to deliver the babies early. I spent many nights praying that everything would be fine, I worried and worried but with each check up with the Doctor’s, the pregnancy seemed to be going fine… That ended up not being the case. Standing by, not being to do anything for your friends when they are loosing a baby was a feeling I had never experienced before, and it was not an easy thing to bear witness too.. Being helpless, no words to comfort them, there is nothing you can do but love them and support them.

It was a difficult road but now they have a healthy baby boy that is almost 5 months old, and life is good.

During the whole pregnancy, I myself had kind of a freak out moment. Most of my friends are parents many times over, or they want children, and are having a difficult time getting pregnant. Me I do everything I can to prevent children. I am getting older and feel like I should be having babies, but it is a constant struggle for me because I just don’t feel like I want them. I don’t not like babies, but I love to travel. Raf works a ton as do I, and I am not sure when we would have time.Rafa would love to have kids, he doesn’t pressure me and I think that is his tactic. He knows that pressuring me is never a good thing and 9 times outta 10 will not work in his favor. He also hasn’t ever been around babies and doesn’t fully know how they change your life….

I had a good friend tell me that my life won’t be as full or fulfilling if I don’t have children. I am sure to some extent that that is correct, but not everyone has to have children so 2017 will be a year of soul searching….

This year we visited Costa Rica, which was one of my favorite places I have ever been. If you are pondering your next vacation you should put Costa Rica on your list. The food is great, the country is beautiful, the people warm and welcoming. I felt very safe, and renting a car and driving was very easy, though most of the country is comprised of two lane roads. Both hotels we stayed at had things that I enjoyed, the  JW Marriott Guanacaste was breathtaking, it was remote, but once you get used to the drive you will love it. That pool was one of the most amazing placed to cool off and watch the sun set. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sjojw-jw-marriott-guanacaste-resort-and-spa/?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2

The Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, was also amazing, we did yoga on the beach, and had wonderful drinks and meals at this resort. The property itself was great but much different then the JW Guanacaste resort. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sjols-los-suenos-marriott-ocean-and-golf-resort/

We took a day trip to the Manuel Antonio park, it was a trek from our hotel but it was worth it. I just wish I would have eaten before we went and planned better for the walk. Which  turned out to be more of a hike on a very hot day. I just thought oh it’s a park, I didn’t really know that it was hiking, lots of steps and I am sure there were snakes on that trail so I didn’t look down or up in the trees…. We did see monkeys and a cross between a dog and a raccoon steal a loaf of bread from a tourist. The park was beautiful and had amazing beaches hidden behind each twist in the paths. http://manuelantoniopark.com/

On our way back from Manuel Antonio Park we stopped at a restaurant El Avion http://www.elavion.net/. It over looks all of Manuel Antonio and it had the most amazing views, it made up for the hike that I had just taken on a very hot day, on an empty tummy. The food and the drinks were so good, I could have stayed there all day. We would have loved to have seen the sunset, but we had to travel back to the hotel.

The trip to Costa Rica left me wanting to go back, so if CR is on your list of places to go, book that flight and do it.

This year defiantly solidified a few things for me, you never know where life is going to take you, you don’t know what will happen, don’t waste time worrying about things. Worrying is a waste of energy, I should know it is one of my specialties. My advice, if you want to do something or go somewhere, go, book that ticket. Life is fast and the older you get the faster it starts to go.

In the words of Dave Matthews from one of my favorite songs “Pig”

Isn’t it strange
How we move our lives for another day
Like skipping a beat
What if a great wave should wash us all away
Just thinking out loud
Don’t mean to dwell on this dying thing
But looking at blood
It’s alive right now
Deep and sweet within
Pouring through our veins
Intoxicate moving wine to tears
Drinking it deep
Then an evening spent dancing
It’s you and me
This love will open our world
From the dark side we can see a glow of something bright
There’s much more than we see here
Don’t burn the day away

Dave in Kansas City

2016 didn’t end up the way I thought it would at all but I am excited for 2017. The count down to Dave & Tim on the beach is in full swing, 54 days and counting. So my New Year’s resolution’s are this: to meet Dave Matthews, save more money, listen more, talk less, and spend time with my friends and family! Here’s to 2017!!!!!!



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