About Meticulously Molly


I am a thirty something women, who is passionate about many things. Most of which are my dogs (Parker & Sammy), my husband (Rafael a.k.a. Rafa), DMB (Dave Matthews Band), my family’s small business( Country Keepsakes Tea Room ), good food, good wine, Anthropologie, and travel. Did I mention Wine & Dave???

NOTE: If you don’t know who Dave Matthews Band is or you think they suck we can’t be friends and don’t read my blog. If you know who they are, and do not understand why I travel all over the world to follow the band, you don’t get “IT” and will also never get me. Discontinue reading, at once….

Traveling is also a huge passion of mine, and you guessed it most of all I love to see DAVE.I spend most of my year doing a couple of things. 1, waiting for the day the tour gets announced. Day 2 the day the tickets go on sale, and then of course most importantly D-Day, Day 3, lovingly called by me DAVE DAY!!!! I live for that day. But I also have to pay for all these concerts and traveling, so I work a lot.

But one can not just live for Dave, so I should also tell you I am very passionate about my family’s small business, The Tearoom by Country Keepsakes, the cornerstone of my life and those around me. “The Shop”  is how my family members and I affectionately refer to The Tearoom. You will hear a lot about “The Shop”.

The reason for my blog is to share travel tips, Antho favorites of mine, and overall pointers that I have learned from life. Whatever all that is worth…. Oh, and I should mention I will have mistakes in this blog, grammar & spelling are not my strong suite, just wanted to warn you. Please don’t be a jerk and point them out. Happy reading Y’All.